Encryption Not Enabled - Bug?

Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Wed Mar 10 02:27:04 GMT 1999

Cabler, Adam W wrote:
> I used the -a -m option and samba told me that "Encryption 
> was not enabled in the makefile."  I am not using the 
> CVS branch, however.  

Sounds like an old version of Samba.

> I would also like to know about samba cvs in general, 
> particularly if CVS is just more updated since 2.0.3, or 
> if it is just different. 

Adam, you should probably read the NT Domain FAQ linked 
off the main Samba site under the documentation section.
It will answer a lot of questions.

> Also, do I have to use the cvs release if I am expecting 
> to use samba as a PDC?  Some co-workers have just returned from 
> LinuxWorld where they met with some of the samba
> developers.  After speaking with them, they were given the 
> impression that the production release is sufficient 
> for PDC operatoin.  Just wondering if this is accurate 
> with anyone else's experience.

The PDC support is not official in any release.  It is 
only experiemental at the moment and really only should be 
tested using the CVS branch.

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