Encryption Not Enabled - Bug?

Cabler, Adam W adam.w.cabler at lmco.com
Tue Mar 9 16:10:06 GMT 1999

	I am still having trouble trying to get my server thats acting as a
PDC to respod properly.  One of the more confusing error messages that I
have encountered was when I was adding a machine o smbpasswd with smbpasswd.
I used the -a -m option and samba told me that "Encryption was not enabled
in the makefile."  I am not using the CVS branch, however.  I would also
like to know about samba cvs in general, particularly if CVS is just more
updated since 2.0.3, or if it is just different.  Also, do I have to use the
cvs release if I am expecting to use samba as a PDC?  Some co-workers have
just returned from LinuxWorld where they met with some of the samba
developers.  After speaking with them, they were given the impression that
the production release is sufficient for PDC operatoin.  Just wondering if
this is accurate with anyone else's experience.


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