Strange file deletion problem

Chad Campbell Chad.Campbell at
Tue Mar 9 14:19:14 GMT 1999

We're observing a strange problem when trying to delete 226 files out of
a directory that is 7 levels deep.  Each time we do "del *.*" in the
command window, most of the files are deleted, and the rest report "The
system cannot find the file specified."  The number of errors correspond
to the number of files not deleted, but the files reported as not being
found do not correspond to the files that weren't deleted.  This occurs
exactly the same way each time.  On the first pass, all but 35 files are
deleted, on the second all but 9 are deleted, and then the third pass
deletes the rest.  Also, the same files are involved each time.  We
successfully deleted all 226 files using Windows NT explorer with no
noticeable errors.  We're running Samba 2.0.0 with the file truncation
patch on an Ultra 2 running Solaris 7 in 64 bit mode.  The NT client is
4.0 with SP4/128 bit.



Chad Campbell
Software Engineer, Innovision Corporation
Chad.Campbell at

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