Printer sharing with Samba

Mike Brodbelt m.brodbelt at
Tue Mar 9 14:08:31 GMT 1999

This is not strictly a domain related question, but it concerns
functionality most domain users would probably like, so I hope no-one
minds me asking it here...

I'm in the process of removing an old Novell server, and I'm replacing
it with a Linux box running Samba. Clients are all NT workstations, and
the domain authentication is currently done on an NT PDC (which I hope
to replace in the fullness of time). 

When I install a printer on an NT machine, and share that printer, I can
elect for other machines attaching to that printer to use the driver on
the machine hosting the printer. This obviates the need to install local
printer drivers everywhere, and is generally pretty useful. Is this
functionality present in Samba yet? I'm aware that Samba can make
drivers available for auto download to NT clients, but I'd very much
like to be able to use the NT model where the driver is simple installed
on the server.

This may not be possible - would this require Samba to be able to
execute an NT driver image, but I'd be interested to know either whether
it already works, or that it's never likely to....



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