problem with latest CVS

David Bannon D.Bannon at
Mon Mar 8 20:59:56 GMT 1999

At 02:53 AM 09/03/1999 +1100, Greg Dickie wrote:
>Here's a silly one:
>  On friday I did a password change test, it worked but it put the
following in
>        ]:LCT-36DE76A3:

Greg, looks like the same bug I have been discussing with Luke for a couple
of weeks. Samba fails to authenticate with the NTHash method, tries LM
method, seems to work. But as it no longer has a NTpassword it cannot
rewrite the second passwd field so sets it to XXXX.., as intended. Next
time it fails because of the XXXXs.

Might be worth confirming that your authentication (when changing passwd)
is all defaulting to LMhash, see password.c/smb_password_ok(..)  (?)

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