Wkns forget passwds?

Len Harold lharold at mrc.uidaho.edu
Mon Mar 8 20:04:06 GMT 1999

Hi guys,

I just got the same results from 2.0.3.  Fortunately it is a test
machine.  I deleted the machine entry from the smbpasswd file and
then recreated it with "smbpasswd -a -m CHARA" followed by rebooting
the PC and still had no luck logging in.  The logfile (at debug 100)
is at http://www.len.moscow.id.us/log for browsing.  The samba machine
is a HP C180 running a current and heavily patched HP-UX 10.20 on it.
CC me directly if you want more info quickly as I keep track of this
list through the web archive.


On 08-Mar-99 Greg Dickie wrote:
>I have had a similar problem, check the log files for a signal 11 (grep for 
>fault.c). In my case the smbd for that logon was segfaulting quietly and NT 
>simply gave this message which IMHO is not really the case. 
>Hope this helps, 
>On 08-Mar-99 Benjamin Kuit wrote: 
>> Hiya, 
>> I have this curious problem with a few workstations. 
>> Just like many others, we add a machine entry in our smbpasswd file 
>> (samba PDC of course), and then tell the workstation to join the 
>> domain. The workstation then says 'Welcome..' and all looks happy. 
>> It then reboots, and people from the new domain try and log in but 
>> it complains that the computer account for the domain is incorrect. 
>> I dont know how to approach this problem. 
>> saying it has a bad passwd entry for that domain, and then correctly 
>> authenticate the next try. 
>> This problem is in the minority, most machines seem to be ok, but 
>> its an annoying minority. 
>> Should I check things like time differences between machines? bad 
>> I dont know how to approach this problem or what to look for. Names 
>> and uids are unique. 
>> NT names? 
>> Not using the most recent cvs release yet, only for the test server, 
>> which seems to work ok. Using a cvs release of 3/3/99 or maybe a day 
>> earlier. 
>> Any help much appreciated. 
>> Bj

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