NT login problem

Rob Holley robh at acprog.ifas.ufl.edu
Mon Mar 8 01:56:19 GMT 1999

I have the same problem in a public teaching computer lab.
I have Sparc 5 running 2.1.0prealpha and NT4.0/SP4 Workstations. It
to be some kind of persistant connection problem. My work around is
to have the teaching assistants in the lab keep swat on the status
page and kill the connections to the problem workstation. As soon as the
connection is killed logins work with no problem.

"Robert D. Carlitz" wrote:
> On Feb. 12 Michael Hulet reported a problem with the error message
>     The system can not log you on (C000005B). Please try again
>     or consult your system administrator.
> Michael said that he was able to log in when he tried again.  I'm
> seeing the same error message, but I'm unable to log onto the Samba
> server.  I'm running 2.1.0prealpha under BSDi 3.0.  The log file
> for the NT Workstation from which I'm trying to log in reports
>     groupdb/groupdb.c:iterate_getusergroupsnam(232)
>     unable to open group database.
> which I presume to be related to the login problem and the other
> remarks in Michael's message.  I'm curious what problem the error
> number C000005B actually refers to and what work-arounds people
> have discovered for this.  I've tried various things with group
> mappings in smb.conf, but I haven't found anything that works.
> Thanks,
> Bob Carlitz

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