Turning OFF Network Profiles Safely

mbreuer at Siac.COM mbreuer at Siac.COM
Fri Mar 5 16:17:45 GMT 1999

Outlook Express also seems to be a large culprit.  After making an aborted attempt to experment with
Outlook 2000, I discovered my profile took about 10 minutes to load.  Outlook Express (which I'd
never used or (I thought) loaded) took a copy of my entire IMAP directory, messages, folders, etc.,
and replicated them into an outlook express directory deep within my profile.  I don't remember the
exact path (I've deleted the directory).  FYI: this occured after I installed and then de-installed
Outlook 2000 (which I did tell about my IMAP directory).

Andy Polyakov wrote:

> > >I'm betting it is not the profiles in general but the Internet Expoiter
> [snip]

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