Samba and Profiles

Burch, Phil pburch at
Thu Mar 4 00:57:05 GMT 1999

(I've posted this to a newsgroup, sorry if you've had to read it twice)
I have set up Samba 2.0.2 as the PDC for a classroom of NTW4 clients.
Everything is working great except it seems the NTUSER.DAT portion of
roaming profiles is not getting updated properly.. (My desktop reverts to
green and I get the Welcome to NT message every login)
I am also not able to run User Manager for Domains, (the log talks of "TODO
- change Unix times to NTTIMEs) because it crashes if I try to do something,
is this related?
The NTUSER.DAT file on the Unix filesystem looks like this:
-rw-r--r-- 1 pburch pburch 270336 Mar 3 1999 NTUSER.DAT
Is the strange date format a factor??

Thanks in advance,

Phil Burch
Computing Services
North Seattle Community College

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