How to change NT-Userprofiles without usrmgr.exe?

Detlef Fliegl fliegl at
Wed Mar 3 16:57:30 GMT 1999

Hi Bill 

> I believe section 5 of
> om_faq.html will help point the way.  There is also some email in the
> archives from the last two or three weeks covering this as well.
Sure there is some information - but unfortunately the config options
have changed in the meantime (even the docs included in the
sourcepackage are not up to date). 

config opts. found in the faq:
domain group map
local group map
domain user map

real existent opts:
domain groups 
domain admin group 
domain guest group 
domain admin users 
domain guest users

Does anybody know a littlebit more about the options above?


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