nt logon error

John T Chiodi chiodi+ at pitt.edu
Wed Mar 3 14:13:47 GMT 1999

Yesterday I was having difficultities with smbd loading due to the fact that
I had two .SID files.  one was created by 2.1.0-prealpha and the other
was created by 2.0.3.  I was not sure which I should get rid of so I
removed both and recreated the MACHINE.SID.  Does upgrading to new
builds of 2.1.0-prealpha cause this as well?  anyway, I will now have
to leave the domain and rejoin the domain.  Live and learn.  This
might be something to include in the faq.

> **do not** recreate the MACHINE.SID.  if you do all machine 
> in the domain will be unable to logon.  If you do, all domain 
> members will need to leave and rejoin the domain.


Jt Chiodi
Unix Administrator
University of Pittsburgh
chiodi at pitt.edu

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