Impossible to come back to a previously registered domain ?

Greg Dickie greg at
Tue Mar 2 15:04:11 GMT 1999

you can just do a smbpasswd -m and set the password to be the machine name in
lower case (the initial password). THe -a will want to add the account which
won't work.


On 02-Mar-99 EFT.Eric Devolder wrote:
>> This is NT "security" as the message on the NT workstation will tell you
>> when
>> you leave the domain. You simnply need to reset the password to the
>> default
>> when you want to rejoin the domain.  Exactly the same behavior with NT
>> server.
>> Greg 
>       [EFT.Eric Devolder]  In this case, do I have to remove the line from
> the file smbpasswd, or can I re-perform a smbpasswd -a -m directly to reinit
> the machine account ?

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