Impossible to come back to a previously registered domain ?

EFT.Eric Devolder eric.devolder at
Tue Mar 2 13:29:10 GMT 1999

Hi again,

I hope the following subject is not (too...) off-topic. I encounter the
following problem:

A Samba server is running a little network with NT & 9x Boxes, as PDC. For a
special reason, a user changed his network properties in order to to leave
Samba Domain an to join another  Workgroup (NOT the SAMBA Domain). Later,
this user wanted to reintegrate the SAMBA domain, but his request was
The only thing I could do is to remove the line [MACHINE]$ in the smbpasswd
file, then reinsert it again with smbpasswd -a -m .

When reading samba logs, this one tells me : 
Session_trust_account:TRUST ACCOUNT [MACNHINE]$ - passwd failed

Can someone tell me if it's a SAMBA or pure NT issue. I don't know if it's a
bug, but it's very unvconvenient.

Thank you,

Enjoy Samba.

	Eric Devolder

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