my real problem is ntconfig.pol

EFT.Eric Devolder eric.devolder at
Mon Mar 1 13:06:34 GMT 1999

Thank you for this answer, it solves my problem. Also I apologize if I took
some bandwidth to dicuss about an off-topic subject...


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> > Hello,
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> > Now I'm sure the ntconfig.pol is *really* downloaded to the NT box.
> > 
> > The last problem is always: When logged with samba as PDC on the SAMBA
> > domain, the user of the NT box can no more start or stop services,
> change
> > local user config, and so on. My question is what do I have to
> incorporate
> > into ntconfig.pol in order to allow this behavior ?
> > Do I have to recreate entries in this file for each user and/or machine
> that
> > logs in ? How can I do ? Please help !
> This isn't really a Samba issue, it's just the same with an NT server.
> An NT machine has a local SAM database where it stores user accounts. If
> you make a user on the NT box a member of the Administrators group, they
> gain admin rights to the box. The account with these rights will be
> LOCALMACHINE\username. If you then make the machine a member of an NT
> domain, the group DOMAIN\Domain Users will be added to
> LOCALMACHINE\Users, and DOMAIN\Domain Administrators will be added to
> LOCALMACHINE\Administrators.
> If you have added user accounts so that the guy who previously logged in
> as LOCALMACHINE\username now logs in as DOMAIN\username, then that
> person will lose Admin rights to the local box, as DOMAIN\username is
> *not* a member of the LOCALMACHINE\Administrators group. To change this,
> run the User Manager on each NT workstation, and add the appropriate
> domain user account to that workstation's local Administrators group.
> This should fix your problem.
> Mike.

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