switching from NT server to SAMBA

Brian Roberson brian at bstc.net
Mon Mar 1 12:56:50 GMT 1999

your on the right track, you'll need to give each a machine account ( add a
user for each machine )
leave the domain and rejoin. This information should be in the NT Dom faq if
you need further help.


Lei Miao wrote:

> We currently have a single NT server acting as a PDC for a collection
> of a NT workstation 4.0 PC's. I am in the process of switching over to SAMBA
> running on RedHat 5.2. I think I have created all of the necessary shares
> and made all the necessary changes to smb.conf... pulled out the network
> connection for the NT server disconnecting it from the network and started
> SAMBA acting as Domain logon server (obviously with the same domain name)
> tried to logon from a workstation and got the message "trust with domain
> controller has been broken"... what's causing this problem?
> BTW, initially I had the SAMBA server running as just a server (not PDC)
> on the network and all the machines could see it just fine.
> Could this have something to do with NT SID's etc... do you think I need
> to go to each of the workstations and get them to leave the current domain
> and join the "new" one (same domain name actually).
> Many thanks,
> Lei

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