Downloading Profiles/Policies (slow connection)

Graham sparky at
Mon Mar 1 03:12:34 GMT 1999


I have had the slow connection message ever since I started using NT-DOM with
samba (starting from 2.0.0 beta 1, now 2.0.2).

I have only a small network in our house, with 8 users and 6 machine accounts.

Only 2 of the machines generally use NT-DOM logins, and on both of these we
find that you nearly always get the slow login message for all users, apart
from when you login to NT just as it has finished booting, or when logging in
imediately after logging out.

This is running on a 10base2 network, the server being an AMD K6-400 Linux
box, and the NT clients being P166 and P233 NT-4.0 SP4 (it also happened
previously with SP3). The samba server provides the profiles and the
authorization, no NT server is involved. The server generally has very little
load, and the same goes for the network.

On a side note, could anyone tell if and how it possible to get Win95/98
clients to run LOGON scripts? Sorry if this is more of an NT admin question
than a Samba question, but it would be really nice to get this working.



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