Win 98 and Samba PDC

Lanny Baron lnb at
Tue Jun 29 06:05:52 GMT 1999

YOu may want to try this out. This is from my config when i was running
logon script = netlogin.pds
        logon path = \\%N\%U\Profiles
        domain logons = Yes
        local master = Yes
        wins support = Yes

You should also have the script netlogin.pds in each

Then he will get that box pop up when he connects to his Samba server.
Mind you I use FreeBSD. Linux..well that is still for the wana-be unix

Good luck


 On Mon, 21 Jun 1999, Dave J. Andruczyk wrote:

> 1. When w98 starts, there is not login window, after the start procedur
> computer is going on the desktop, first when i am making logout, then
> appears login window for my domain, and i can login as domain user, and
> the login script (\\server\netlogon\login.bat) is connecting shares etc.
> I confgured w98 for domain logons, but the login window is not appearing
> after start. What trick i have to use ?

In control panel-> Network, you need to have logon to be set to
"Client for Microsoft Network" instead of "Windows Logon".

> 2. Passwords are saved locally, how can i turn this off ?

install policy editor from the CD. (admin\apptools\poledit on the W95 cd,
should be similar on the 98 cd)

run poledit, expand the trees to find the key for disable password
caching, nad selet it.  reboot to taste....

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