idea: Samba file processes

Michel michel at
Mon Jun 21 09:35:09 GMT 1999

In your mail from 21-6-1999 you write:
> Could samba support read-only or write-online (hey - I don't care if its
> read-write too) process files...
> So when a file is opended, instead a process is launched with stdout being
> fed to samba.
> This allows dynamic MOTD, or even.... dynamic .reg files which are loaded
> upon login with regedit /s
> This allows the pre-login message to contain "last-login" information..

Lots like this can probably be done using the the "preexec" and "postexec"
config statements in smb.conf; I think using UNC file name convention
would even "emulate" this for every file access (rather than a
once-per-session mapping of a share).


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