idea: Samba file processes

Kenneth MacDonald kenny at
Mon Jun 21 09:24:51 GMT 1999

>>>>> "Sam" == Samuel Liddicott <sam at> writes:

    Sam> So when a file is opended, instead a process is launched with
    Sam> stdout being fed to samba.

    Sam> This allows dynamic MOTD, or even.... dynamic .reg files
    Sam> which are loaded upon login with regedit /s

    Sam> This allows the pre-login message to contain "last-login"
    Sam> information..

    Sam> And no doubt many other hacks...  what of it?

This is like the pipe-fs found in mars-nwe, and it would be handy.
Then again, I ain't checked the docs, and so don't know if it's
already possible.  Anyone care to comment?


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