Installed MS IE5 and now can't see samba server

Roger D. roger at
Fri Jun 18 16:17:54 GMT 1999

Thanks Dan,

Your solution to remove NETBUI worked.  Odd it only affected 1 of a dozen
machines that had the MSIE5 upgrade.


"Dan Christopherson" wrote:

>Is the offending machine configured to use the NetBEUI protocol? We've
>had problems with machines that have both TCP/IP and NetBEUI insisting
>on not using NetBIOS over TCP/IP, and they'll never see samba machines
>through NetBEUI.
>"Roger D." wrote:
>> My client installed MS IE5 on several WIN95 machines over the weekend
>> and one of the machines can not see the samba server any longer.  All
>> the machines were using MS IE4 or IE3 and working fine on samba before
>> the upgrade to IE5.  I am assuming it is the upgrade that has caused the
>> problem.
>> The troublesome machine at first did not find the host name from a ping,
>> but would ping the IP address.  MS Knowledge base suggested reinstalling
>> Winsock2.0...we did that and now the offending WIN95 machine will ping
>> the host name, but still doesn't see the samba server.

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