Can't remove samba server from NT/PDC domain (more..)

David Cooper dc at
Tue Jun 15 14:36:18 GMT 1999

Following your suggestions, I'm up and running by using different machine names
for the NT/Unix instances. It's a wonderful thing.

BTW: I still had to reboot my PDC to get it to remove my old
machine entry before I could set this up. There was no (Computer->Syncronize)
option when I looked at the server manager menus.(Perhaps this only appears on
a slave DC ??)

Thanks to all for your help.

Dave Cooper.

Steven Kirks wrote:
> There is a function in Server Manager (Computer->Syncronize with the Primary
> Domain Controller) that allows you to syncronize with the domain, but is
> only available to people with Domain Admin rights.

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