Samba running on the nis-slave server and passwrod sync ?

Tarun Upadhyay mau94319 at
Tue Jun 15 06:05:30 GMT 1999

> >You can hack the sources for yppasswd and take it out, that's what I did. 
> >
> >samba runs as root anyway, and I changed the program to yppasswd.hack 
> >and chown'ed it 0700 for root only access. 
> I think, thats what I'm looking for. I have the same problem: I want to
> change the smbpassd-passwords and the NIS-Password on a NIS-Client
> (RedHat 5.2) with samba-2.04b and it failed, because my yppasswd
> programm ask me for the old password, also as root.

We are running a regular cluster with about 40 linux machines, some of
which we also dual boot to NT. We run a Samba Server as a PDC on one of
our linux servers. We have a set of (perl) scripts to sync NIS and NT
passwords and to change both of them simultaneously. None of the scripts
require setuid.

If you think they could be useful, I can mail them to the list.

With Warm Regards

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