Problems validating names with special characters

Jeremy Allison jallison at
Mon Jun 14 16:47:55 GMT 1999

Matthias Wächter wrote:

> I already worked a little bit on umlaut support in Samba for Server names,
> Domain/Workgroup names, Share names, descriptions and Swat/Diagnosis. Is
> there anyone else interested in developing this patch so we can continue
> doing username stuff? Of course, this is also needed when workstations
> with umlauts in the names will have to join a Samba domain.
> The problem is: The umlauts supplied by the workstation are transferred in
> CP850, but the umlauts you type in your config file under Unix are
> probably ISO-8859-1 compatible. So samba has to do a conversion which it
> actually does not. Warning: Supporting Usernames with umlauts are _NOT_ a
> small hack for the Samba sources! There is a lot to change to support it
> correctly!

There's also the problem that umlaut characters will be sent in
MS-Unicode encoding format when sent in DCE/RPC packets. Correct
decoding of this isn't currently implemented in Samba.

I have a plan on how to do this but haven't yet implemented it.

> BTW: Gurus, which is the correct mailinglist for development discussions
> concerning something like Umlaut Support?

samba-technical is the right mailing list for development issues.


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