NT Users in LINUX

Anders Östling anders.ostling at neurope.ikea.com
Mon Jun 7 07:32:51 GMT 1999


I used the DCL emulator on Windows NT (www.advsyscon.com)  to write a DCL
script that fetched all user accounts, approx 3500 names, from our PDC.
These were saved in a text file that I copied to Linux. On Linux, I wrote a
shell script that extracted all users, created accounts, home directories
etc and alises for sendmail. When done, I installed PAM_SMB and configured
the mail server to be a domain member with validation of user logins against
the NT PDC. This way, all password changes on the NT will automatically be
used by the Linux clients. The key was to set a "*" as password in

If anyone is interested in sharing the scripts, I can post them here. They
are not too compex or large.


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>    Hello.
>    How I import my Windows NT users in Linux ?
>    I want use POP3 Server / FTP in Linux for my WINNT.
>    How I do it ?
>    Thanks.
>    [..]s -=F.G.=-

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