Passwd Sync - REDHAT LINUX

Hendrik den Hartog hendrik at
Thu Jul 29 21:06:11 GMT 1999

On Fri 30 Jul, Paulo Afonso Graner Fessel wrote:
> 	Please take a look in an article I've posted here:
> 	Seems to work with me, for the Samba RPM from Samba Team and 
>       RedHat 6.0.

   Interesting. But, If I read correctly [ and please point out if I'm
   wrong] you don't need to supply the old/original passwd for utility
   to effect the change?
   Also interestingly, I have had one response [privately] that has
   PW sync working fine on RedHat - but they don't use SAMBA RPMs,
   [i.e. they compile from the source]
   I'd be interested to know if this sync problem on RedHat only occurs
   when using Pre-Compiled RPM versions?

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