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Paulo Afonso Graner Fessel pafessel at
Thu Jul 29 18:06:08 GMT 1999

Jason Dunn wrote:
> My bad, I thought it meant the passwords in the file that were encrypted.

	No... Even because the crypt used is non-reversible (i.e., you can't
recover a plaintext password from an encrypted password).

> However, even after that change was made, similar events happened, instead of "%n"
> showing up in the shadow file, there appears to be an encrypted password, but it
> doesn't match my Linux login password.

	Humm... Seems you're going the other way on this. What password sync does
is synchronize passwords in a way that the Linux system password (that is,
the one stored in /etc/passwd) is the same of your password in Samba
services. Just have tried this here in the last few minutes while I was
writing to be certain it works and yes, it works all right.

	Notice that, if you change your password with passwd, that doesn't change
your password in Samba service. Linuxconf does this, but only if you use
Linuxconf's passwd program to do the job and check "unix password sync" in
Linuxconf's Samba screen.

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