NT-Samba Backups

Chris Tooley chris at tooley.com
Thu Jul 29 18:42:09 GMT 1999

We use Knox Software's Arkeia.  This runs on Linux and has Clients for NT 4,
9x, Netware (not sure on what all versions are supported) that will let the
server back up the clients, ie the other Servers.

We've been pretty happy with it and the price was pretty good, not free, but
pretty good none the less.

Chris Tooley
Joslyn Art Museum
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From: Michael Glauche <mg at plum.de>
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Date: Thursday, July 29, 1999 1:00 PM
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>Mike Westkamper schrieb:
>> We use Seagate Tape Backup Exec on NT 4.0 sp4. It recognizes and will
>> backup network volumes. It will only backup that which is has visibility
>> to. I cannot reliably detect some in-use files either. It will do a
>> good job as long as the files are not in contention.
>Problem is only, when you  have symlinks on your samba share ... esp.
>recursive ... :)
>IIRC that was one of the reasons, why we switched to a multi-platform
>(arkeia, www.arkeia.com can backup nt, novell, linux, bsd, ... and can have
>tape drive in any
>of these ... really nice programm)
>   Michael
>Samba NT-Domain howto (in german)

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