NT/samba login problem

Cameron Waggoner csw2 at ECE.MsState.EDU
Thu Jul 29 15:36:30 GMT 1999

I am support for several NT labs at Mississippi State University.
Recently we have discovered that NT will not let anyone login for some 15
minutes after a logout.  It gives the following error:

"The operating system was unable to create profile directory
\\samba\profiles.pds.  You will be logged in with a local profile only.
Please contact your network administrator."

Apparently for those 15min or so the person who just logged out can login
with no problem whatsoever, but if anyone else tries then they recieve the
above error.  If, however, the pc is shut down and restarted, then anyone
can login again before the 15minutes is up.  To me this means that there
is some service in NT that is not immediately stopping at logout.  Maybe
somehow NT is letting someone else login b/c they have a valid account and
pw but when it goes to check samba, the permissions somehow remain the
same as the last person to login, causing the inability to create the new
user's directory?   Or maybe, there is some secure connection between 
nt/samba and it doesn't close immediately unless the workstation goes

Has anyone else run across this problem?  How can it be fixed because this
is definitely not conducive to running a busy pc lab.

Here is our configuration:
Samba ver 2.0.4
WinNT 4, service pack 5

login path = \\&l\profiles

profiles path = /home/%U/samba
browsable = yes
writeable = yes
guestok = no


Cameron Waggoner

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