Password change from NT apparently solved

Paulo Afonso Graner Fessel pafessel at
Thu Jul 29 14:34:13 GMT 1999

Bart Dorsey wrote:
> Paulo Afonso Graner Fessel wrote:
> >
> > Bart Dorsey wrote:
> >         Also, AFAIK, in Windows 98 you can't change the password with Ctrl-Alt-Del
> > dialog; you MUST use NET PASSWORD command, which requires some fiddling
> > with "password level" option in section "global" of your smb.conf file.
> I was using the "Passwords" control panel icon... is this not supported?

	Hmm, I think that these "passwords" are just local ones. But I may be
wrong, I just don't know how Windows 98 works plugged on the network.

> I tried setting password level=4 and that didn't seem to help.
> > Also, you can try change the protocol to "COREPLUS" instead of "NT1" (only
> > if you don't have NT machines on your network), as it leaves the password
> > alone.
> I'll try this. Any disadvantages to this? Will Domain logons still work
> with COREPLUS?

	Don't know, never had to change it. Anyway, in our environment normally
the users don't know how to change their passwords, so they come to the
sysadmin and he changes it on console. Yuck!
> That's really odd, is Win95 sending the password as a hash or something?

	No. AFAIK, all passwords sent by WfW clients (over which the Win9x clients
are based) encode their passwords to uppercase before sending them to the
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