Printing problems with NT Workstation clients

Stephan Greene sgreene at
Thu Jul 29 12:46:08 GMT 1999

On Thu, 29 Jul 1999, Jean Francois Micouleau wrote:

> I see, I'm confusing you. A bit of terminology:
> The EMF format: the datas sent are in a pseudo-high-level description
> language. This EMF file is converted to the printer native language by the
> print server before sending it to the printer. Example: All the PCL
> printers. So half work is done on the client, the other half on the
> server. Samba can't do that, and to my knowledge there is no EMF
> interpreter available on Unix.

Ah!  So that's why I saw the references to "RAW" format.  (and why
couldn't MS call it something descriptive like "printer native"...)
> A nice point is you can force ALL the printer drivers to send RAW datas to
> a print server

Is this feature intended to keep from overwhelming the server?
> What I think you are confusing is where the NT spooling is done and where
> the queues are located. I can give some explanations if someone ask.

I don't think so.  Spooling and queueing on the server is what they
expect.  The problem they have is the apparent need to allow relatively
unpriviliged users to install printer drivers locally, versus the printer
"automagically" installs when added from an NT print server.

> > These people DO NOT want to do it that way.  Their current procedure is as
> > I described originally - the selected printer automagically appears.
> > Minimizing user and adminsitrator overhead is one of their big goals.
> ok I understand, the printer automagically appears in the head branch now.

Which means I really need to d/l the head branch code.  Thanks for the


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