Passwd Sync - REDHAT LINUX

Hendrik den Hartog hendrik at
Wed Jul 28 21:24:21 GMT 1999


  From scanning thru the archives, and from experience and other feedback
  is seems there is a problem with Password Sync when using the RedHat
  flavour of Linux. I am not alone.
  What I'd like to narrow down is what in the RedHat SAMBA causes this.
  E.G. I'm using RedHat 5.2 - using the RPM method to install SAMBA.
  Do users on RedHat who build their SAMBA from the source [i.e. don't
  use RPM Samba distributions] also have this passwd sync problem? or
  can they successfully sync PW changing?
  Can users using the later RedHat 6.x successfully use passwd sync? 
  Can anyone report success using passwd sync from RedHat?

       Hendrik den Hartog:PASADENA INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL:Auckland-NZ

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