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Kevin Myer kevin_myer at elanco.k12.pa.us
Wed Jul 28 12:10:01 GMT 1999

On Wed, 28 Jul 1999, Gordon Smith wrote:

> Yes, I read that. Very helpful, but what I'm really looking for is more info on
> an enterprise schema that utilises samba and address books. What I want to know
> is should I be putting all the HR, mail and telephone info into one ou, and be
> keeping the samba stuff in its own ou.
> I found quite a lot more info on Netscape's site - Directory Server deployment.
> I'll have to read it all tonight.
> Cheers,
> Gordon


I found everything easier to manage if I split all the Samba stuff off
into its own hierarchy.  I have an ou=Samba for all Samba related stuff,
as it was really beginning to clutter up my main ou=People tree.  This
caused a bit of a problem for me though, as I'm using LDAP also for my
UNIX authentication and when someone tries to login via Samba and the PAM
module finds two entries with uid=myer (one in ou=People and one in
ou=Samba), it fails the login.

I would vote for keeping Samba separate though, simply because it makes
management a bit easier and it doesn't clutter your entries as much.  


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