Win95 policies problem

Patrik Sonestad Patrik.Sonestad at
Tue Jul 27 14:18:08 GMT 1999

I´m trying to set up user policies.
When the user logs in Win95 processes the computer part but not the user part
of config.pol (I can tell because the policy of not letting people bypass the
login, and my login message work)!
I must be missing something here because I´ve set it up on another network and
it worked (was about 5years ago, Linux 1.3 and samba pre something)!
I´m using Linux 2.0.37, Samba 2.0.5a and the clients are Win95 OSR2.1
I´ve gone through a hell of a lot of faq and stuff today and checked that all
setting are right in Samba (as far as I can tell). I must have forgotten something
here, please help me out.

Patrik S
Lund university, Sweden

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