SWAT in HEAD won't let me authenrized!!

Michael Glauche mg at plum.de
Tue Jul 27 07:24:30 GMT 1999

Ma Gui Sheng schrieb:

>         I have installed the HEAD branch 2.1.prealphaX on my Redhat 6.0, but after I
> have correctly setuped and installed , SWAT won't let me authenrized. Every time I use
> swat by www,it will tell me "authenrized fail" , I am sure the username and passwd are
> correct. While the MAIN branch 2.0.5a is alright.
>         What is the matter?
> BTW  Does the 2.0.5a includes the PDC code?

it may be that 2.1 swat is not working. 2.1 is a fine PCD. nothing else :)

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