To SAMBA-Team: username map + smbpasswd

Oleg Tipisov ovt at RedCenter.Ru
Tue Jul 27 06:36:11 GMT 1999

Anthony Mendoza wrote:
> I believe it currently does work like you want it to.
> I don't have a user named administrator on my server, but I do have
> root=administrator
> in my username map file.  This allows me to log into my NT workstation as
> Administrator, and access files on the samba server as root.

Nope. (I'm using SAMBA 2.03).  Has it been changed in latest CVS code ?

In 2.03 this is only possible if "security = server" or "security = domain"
is used.  In "security = share" "smbpasswd -a Administrator" failed with
the message "User Administrator was not found in system password file".
If added manually, you still need to enter root's password, rather than
Administrator's one.

This is misleading.  If this is by design, what pwdump.exe was
written for ?  What Jeremy Allison can say ?

Oleg Tipisov

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