Help with Interpretation - Part2

Hendrik den Hartog hendrik at
Tue Jul 27 02:57:58 GMT 1999

On Mon 26 Jul, Matthias_Wächter wrote:

> [Useful Interpretation SNIPPED] 

> Interestingly, there is no response? Hmmm... maybe you didn't specify the
> correct password chat for your system?
> [More SNIP]
> Well, anyhow: Use a "better" password (from /bin/passwd's point of view)
> and try again.

 Done this...and it works.......occassionally, or rather, intermitantly. 
 Those occassions when it does work usually happen when you Re-Try 
 immediately after the initial 'failed' error appears - 
 Without changing the passwd chat, a change will happen intermitantly,
 but most attempts fail.
 The reason for a 'fail' are not bad passwords, as the successfull 
 attempt usually uses the 'same' passwd as the previous multi failures.
 Strange? (Samba 2.0.3 - RedHat 5.0)

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