2.1 vs. 2.0.x - features missing

Matthias Wächter matthias at waechter.wol.at
Mon Jul 26 23:37:02 GMT 1999


Sorry for asking this question, but: Why is a lot of code already in 2.0.x
not in the 2.1.0-prealpha branch?

The Filename handling (Umlauts etc.) does not work, some files are from
Nov 98 whereby the same files in 2.0.3 are from Jan or Feb 99.

Also, swat is broken when using shadow passwords... why are the changes
made to 2.0.x not updated into the head branch? What's the time these
changes will be commited? Don't you think they will make more trouble
applied in the future than applied today?

Actually, I wanted to implement Umlauts in Usernames, Servernames,
Sharenames, Comments a.s.o and thought, it would be best to do it with
2.1, but this version lacks a lot of changes done since Sep 98 (f.e.
smbd/blocking.c is from Sep 98 in 2.1 but from Jan 99 in 2.0.3...)

I know, version control is not an easy issue, but I think the bugs already
found should be removed also from the head branch asap.

Sehr Wus,
- Matthias

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