change password with PDC

Antonia Gomez antonia at
Fri Jul 23 07:24:05 GMT 1999


I have the next errors when I change a password from Windows 95  in a
Samba PDC :
  Jul 22 21:02:03 pp smbd[13486]: domain_client_validate: unable to open
the machine account password file for machine PP in domain SMBFIB.
  Jul 22 21:02:03 pp smbd[13486]: [1999/07/22 21:02:03, 0]
  Jul 22 21:02:03 pp smbd[13486]:   trust_password_lock: cannot open
file /usr/local/samba/private/SMBFIB.PP.mac - Error was No such file or

I don't understand it , Why find the file SMBFIB.PP.mac? this file  only
must exist in the machines that join in domain not in the PDC.
The pasword is changed when from windows 95  I do logon in the PDC but
If I do logon in other domain member (not in PDC) the password is not
changed and  the error is always.

Any idea?

Thanks in advanced.

Antonia Gomez Gonzalez
FIB (Laboratori de Calcul) UPC

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