I'm a little confused about samba HEAD, Win98, Winnt en Domain Administrator

Micha Kersloot micha at kovoks.nl
Wed Jul 21 21:35:24 GMT 1999


My first contribution on this list. I'm using samba for a year now in
several production envirionments as a clear SMB server. Now i'm in for
something new, using samba as a PDC for a little network with NT
Workstation and Win98.

At the moment i've installed samba HEAD from 21th of july. I've
installed Domain Administration tools on NT and Win98. I can login on
the domain on both machines.

On NT I can see the users with the Domain User Manager (NT Version), the
Samba server is detected as a PDC, but only Read-Only. Is this Normal?

On Win98 I can't use the Domain User Manager (Win95 version) becouse the
Samba server is detected as a BDC !?

On Both machines I don't see the Security tab on the share properties
list, which I did see with Samba 2.0.4 whith the same smb.conf.

Servermanager looks silly on both machines, but it looks the same, so I
think this is normal. (dummy_user etc.).

Overall, what is the status of samba with the MS Domain server tools.
Thanks for you attention. If you need more information, or want
something to be tested in my situation, don't hesitate to ask.

With kind regards,
				Micha Kersloot
				KovoKs Automatiseringspartner

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