pam_smbpass 0.7

Stephen Langasek vorlon at
Wed Jul 21 17:32:24 GMT 1999


At Luke Leighton's suggestion, I'm posting to the lists about the state of 
pam_smbpass.  pam_smbpass is a module intended to ease the administration of
Samba on PAM-based systems by allowing PAM-enabled applications to keep
smbpasswd file entries in sync with the unix password database.  It is
similar to pam_smb and pam_ntdom, but operates in a strictly local context.
I have posted the current version at

This code has heavy and scattered dependencies on the Samba source, so the
current tarball contains a subdirectory and a patch for building it inside
the Samba tree.  Luke has commented that adding this into the Samba CVS tree
is a possibility.  I would appreciate any recommendations as to how this
could best be accomplished, whether it should be a separate CVS module or
part of the main Samba tree.

The module aspires to be cross-platform, but I expect there will be problems
at present compiling on Solaris.  If anyone would care to test it on Solaris
(I have no Solaris machines to test on), I'll gladly fix any errors that

Please cc: replies on samba-ntdom to me directly, as I don't follow this

-Steve Langasek
postmodern programmer

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