samba 2.0.5 force user question

Jeremy Allison jallison at
Wed Jul 21 16:38:24 GMT 1999

Jan van Rensburg wrote:

> in the 2.0.5 smb.conf man page under the "force user" section it says:
> "Prior to 2.0.5 the primary group was left as the primary group of the
> connecting user (this was a bug)"
> why is this a bug, and how can we expect it to work now? or does it mean it
> was a bug when the force group parameter were set?

It was a bug as the primary group in the connection 
struct was left as that of the first connecting user.

This is non-deterministic and was definately not what
was required (it may have been the cause of some hitherto
difficult to explain problems).

It now uses the primary group of the user specified in
the "force user" line, unless overridden with the "force
group" parameter.


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