Switching between 2.0.4b and HEAD branch

David Krovich dkrovich at wvu.edu
Tue Jul 20 21:52:02 GMT 1999

	Are there any issues I should be worried about from moving
from 2.0.4b to the HEAD branch.  I currently have 2.0.4b running as a
Primary Domain Controller, and I want to start to use the head branch.  I'm
concerned with the client NT workstations becoming detached from the 
domain if I do that.  

	If I use the same smbpasswd file and SID, will things stay in sync?  

	Ideally, I'd like to be able to switch back and forth at will from
the HEAD branch and 2.0.4b and not have machines really notice much of
a difference.  I already accomplish this somewhat by using dual personalities, 
but I'm specifically worried about the PDC personality.

David Krovich
West Virginia University
Manager/Information Systems
Computer Science & Electrical Engineering

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