file problem with samba2.4b and sun 2.6(sparc)

stefan vogel vogel at
Tue Jul 20 18:41:53 GMT 1999

we found the problem. it has to do with the locking system. we changed
the smb.conf to locking = false and deleted the lockfile
(/var/adm/STATUS..LCK) and now everything works. But why we do have the
XXX locking problem?

Thanks Stefan

stefan vogel schrieb:
> Hello,
> after an attack we installed the newest patches for SUN Solaris 2.6
> (SPARC20). Then we regocniced a file problem between samba and Solaris.
> First we thought it a NFS-problem but it seems to be a problem with the
> file handling between samba and solaris. Frequently used files (maybe
> cached bei Solaris) take realy a long time (netscape preference files
> takes more then 10 minutes). If you try to save such files there is
> mostly a file curruption. On the Sun there isn't this problem, you have
> fast access to this files. We have two systems with differnt Samba
> versions (2.0 beta and 2.0 final) but it just happens on the 2.0 beta.
> So we installed 2.04b, but there was the same problem. We don't want to
> install the 2.0 final at the station with the problems because now we
> have problems and want to update as new as possible.
> Possible Errors (Problems)
> 1. Trojaner in our system! (shit)
> 2. samba-solaris bug
> 3. compiling error (old gcc, one warning at the compilation)
> Warning:
> /lib/system.c 'sys_readdir'
> warning return from incompatible pointer type
> Stefan Vogel
> p.s.: This station works as a PDC and we don't use a NT-Server so we
> realy need a solution.
> tonight i will try 2.05pre_alpha

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