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Jeremy heslop jheslop at hpl.umces.edu
Tue Jul 20 15:57:54 GMT 1999


  I am having a rough time figuring out what is going on in one of our
classrooms. It has 4 NT4 SP4 machines which randomly decide to delete
users home directories (H: in this case). Some get completely deleted
(including directories). The machines have Netscape 4.6, Eudora Lite
3.0, SAS, Sigma Plot, MS Office, Corel Word Perfect Suite, and Adobe
Acrobat Reader 4 installed. I read on a previous article in May about
Netscape 4.51 on NT4SP3 machines deleting the home directory but wasn't
sure if this was the problem. There are no strange signs in the logs. 

Can anyone help? or give any tips on how I could narrow the problem



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