Password change from NT apparently solved

Norman Weathers norman at
Tue Jul 20 13:56:26 GMT 1999

Paulo Afonso Graner Fessel wrote:
>         Hi, guys.
>         I've found a way (at least in RedHat) to bypass the normal password chat
> sequence. I've done this using a RedHat utility called chpasswd. According
> to the man page:
> -------------------------------------------------------------
>        chpasswd - update password file in batch
>        chpasswd [-e]
>        chpasswd reads a file of user name and password pairs from standard
>        input and uses this information  to  update  a  group  of  existing
>        users.  Without  the  -e  switch,  the passwords are expected to be
>        cleartext. With the -e switch, the passwords are expected to be  in
>        encrypted form.  Each line is of the format
>               user_name:password
>        The named user must exist.  The supplied password will be encrypted
>        as necessary, and the password age updated, if present.
>        This command is intended to be used in a large  system  environment
>        where many accounts are created at a single time.
>        The  input  file must be protected if it contains unencrypted pass-
>        words.
>        passwd(1), useradd(8), newusers(8)
>        Julianne Frances Haugh (jfh at
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
>         I've used for "passwd program" the following line:
>         /bin/echo %u:%n | /usr/sbin/chpasswd
> and for "password chat", I've just used ".". Seems to work to me. For the
> first time, I've been able to change my NT password without problems! I'd
> like you that have RH to test this workaround to see if it works in
> general.
>         Paulo Fessel

Is this allowing you to change your password "from an NT Workstation"? 
If so,
I would like to see the global section of your smb.conf file so that we
get that setup here.  I have been fighting how to do this.

I am using 2.0.4b.  Does that make any difference?

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