Ntconfig.POL has stopped working

Samuel Liddicott sam at campbellsci.co.uk
Tue Jul 20 08:32:34 GMT 1999

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> Richard Ferris
> Sent: 20 July 1999 09:19
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> Subject: Ntconfig.POL has stopped working
> For some strange reason my policies in the NETLOGON share have stopped
> working.  I've recreated the policy file and set the correct
> permissions but
> I can't figure this out 'cause it was working a week ago and
> no-one else has
> access to the system to make any changes.  Any ideas?

While we are at it, Win95 policies aren't working either.  There was a breif
spell of them working in win95 SHARE mode, but now they don't work in share
or user mode.


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