Local administrator privileges?

Johan Meiring jjm at iname.com
Fri Jul 16 23:16:50 GMT 1999

HI all,

NT Workstation (and server?) has a known bug in that is does NOT add the
DOMAIN\Domain ADmins group to the local Administrators group if you join the
domain while installing NT.  If you join the domain AFTER installing NT, it
gets added correctly.


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>Fred Nicolls wrote:
>> Have I misunderstood something here?  Should the user "root"
>> on the NT box automatically have admin privileges on
>> the local resources (like disk permissions or the local
>> user database)?  Is it necessary to set up anything on
>> the NT machine to permit this?  If I log in as local
>> Administrator and add WORKGROUP\Domain Admins to the
>> local Administrators group then everything works
>> fine, but the docs suggest that this isn't necessary
>> (and I doubt I'd be able to force the users in our
>> domain to do this on their machines).
>The assumption was that "Domain Admins" was automatically
>included in the local Administrators group.  If it is not,
>then you will have to add it.
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