One old, one new (rather long)

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Fri Jul 16 17:27:33 GMT 1999

> > please download latest cvs, see if win95 now works.  thx!
> I did.  It now always sets the information properly.  Thanks, that's one
> down.

excellent.  who-hou, i can still code for win95 without testing!
> However, the server/user manager tools from Win95 still say they can't find
> the PDC,

lonnie?  guess what: i don't care!  muah hah hahaaha.  *giggle*.  sorry.
win95 does this to me.

ok, send me either a netmon trace or a full log (level 100).  netmon

> and the Samba server shows up in server manager as "Windows NT
> Backup".

*sigh*, yeah: it does that for nt-version of srvmgr too.  i hard-coded
something there back in december 1997, and haven't gone back to fix it,


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