Missing Foldernames after upgrade

Richard Ferris richard.ferris at ncn.ac.uk
Fri Jul 16 11:24:48 GMT 1999

Hi, I have been using the Samba 2.0.4a IRIX binary build for some time now.
Because of the known issues with word and PhotoShop files I need to upgrade
to 2.0.4b but haven't seen a binary build posted so I have decided to build
from the source myself.

All worked fine and dandy - copied the previous smb.conf and smbpasswd files
and MACHINE.SID over to the correct directories after the make.  All seemed
fine until I logon to the server and accessed a share.  All the folders are
there but their names are missing!  I've searched the digest but can't find
any probs with this.

Also SWAT nolonger works.

Any ideas 'cause I'm now scratching my head.


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