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Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Fri Jul 16 07:22:03 GMT 1999

Hendrik den Hartog wrote:
>  First - I'm running 2.0.3 on a Linux/RedHat5.2 Box.

The Samba NT Domain FAQ **only** applies to the HEAD 
Samba branch.  

>  (a) I didn't have a Directory called 'private', so I 
>      created one in /home/samba/  - but nothing got 
>      added to this?
>  (b) There is a File called 'MACHINE.SID' in /etc  
>     (The workgroup parameter is 'school' - so where 
>     does 'MACHINE' come from?)

/etc/is where you configured the smbpasswd file to go so 
this is where the SID file went.  See my above comments 
as to why this is MACHINE.SID and **not** SCHOOL.SID

>   So, how do I set the path to 'private' or else 
> where is 'private' supposed   to be? (on RedHat 5.2?)

It doesn;t matter.  This SID file is placed where ever the 
smbpasswd is located.  Either determined by compile time 
defaults or 'smb passwd file' parameter.

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